e-Learning for Corporates:

  •    e-Learning Support for Employee Recruiting and Engagement
  •    e-Learning Programs for Role Based HR Development
  •    Monitoring and Evaluation of e-Learning Programs

Subscription Based e-Learning Programs:

  •    Scientific Design of Trainings
  •    On-Line Mentor's Support
  •    On-Line Evaluation of Training
  •    On-Line Certification of Skills

Our Features

Scientific Training Design

  •    Responsive e-Learning Development
  •    Training Management for Trainee, Mentor & Admin
  •    Learners wide-range of Learning Styles addressed
  •    On-line Certification & Monitoring
  •     Empowers interactivity of students who do not feel comfortable to interact in classroom
  •     Allows effective time utilisation as students can learn at their own pace and conveniene
  •    Highly affordable against contact mode training